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Big corporations like banks, insurance companies, hospitals, PayPal, Facebook among other big companies know the importance of recovery and backup tools in the daily operations of their businesses. Any big company must have a data recovery mechanism or backup tools so that they can maintain full operations in case of data loss or data getting damaged, stolen or corrupted. Advancement in technology have lessened the process of data recovery and also backup. The current technology that is mostly used for data backup is cloud computing whereby you store all your important or any data in a cloud server of a company like google drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox or Mega. These companies have reliable data centers that help store your data over the internet. These data is usually stored in a cloud server of your cloud service provider.

Cases of data getting lost, corrupted or damaged can’t happen when you store your data in a cloud server. You will access these data over the internet any time you need it and also you can delete this data and it will be stored in the trash bin of your cloud server. You can also delete the data permanently by deleting the data in the trash bin. The amount of space you get of the cloud server depends on the subscription you have chosen. For greater space, you will need to pay more and it is measured in terms of gigabytes. If you are company that doesn’t use cloud services then you will need to arm yourself with an array of backup tools in case you lose data.

Some of the tools you will need to arm yourself with is the appropriate software like TestDisk that can be used for data recovery or getting professional who can handle cases of data getting lost due to physical damage of the hard drive or computer. The good thing about the data recovery software is that you don’t need professional to operate them. If you have lost data due to the files in a hard drive being deleted but not overwritten with new files or the files being corrupted by a virus or a saved in a wrong format, these files can be easily recovered by using an appropriate software. One other case that you will need to back yourself with backup tools is when you lose data due wrongly partitioning your hard drive, in such a case you will need to arrange the tables of your partition well so that you can recover the data.

Technology has made it possible to recover most the data that has been lost in a hard drive. It is recommended that you use cloud services so that you reduce cases of using data recovery tools to recover data.

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