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RAID recovery is a process of recovering data from a RAID array which may not be functional because of a number of reasons e.g. controller problem or hard drive failure. Here are 3 mistakes which you can make during RAID recovery to make you look dumb:   Doing RAID recovery when it’s not needed This is one of the most common mistake that most users make in data recovery. This is very common after a  [ Read More ]

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  A disaster can strike anytime and it is crucial to have a recovery plan. There can be a variety of things that can cause a disaster. We often think that a disaster is a storm or natural disaster. This is not always the case. A disaster can occur when an unexpected incident happens. This could be a break-in, fire, structural damage, broken pipes, and other non-planned problems. A recovery plan can create a safe  [ Read More ]

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There are a variety of laptop brands that are being sold on the market. One of the most discussed laptop brands is Lenovo. The Lenovo laptop offers different features to its customers. There are several things that make these laptops different from all of the rest being sold. Lenovo sells a variety of different styles of laptops. There are two things that you must know about Lenovo laptops. These two things may surprise you and  [ Read More ]

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Big corporations like banks, insurance companies, hospitals, PayPal, Facebook among other big companies know the importance of recovery and backup tools in the daily operations of their businesses. Any big company must have a data recovery mechanism or backup tools so that they can maintain full operations in case of data loss or data getting damaged, stolen or corrupted. Advancement in technology have lessened the process of data recovery and also backup. The current technology  [ Read More ]

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What is SMART on a hard drive?   SMART is the acronym for the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology. It forms an industry that monitors and reports the fault conditions in a peripheral storage device, it maybe as a result of normal wear and tear or from damage. The purpose of SMART is to reduce the chances of getting the data lost through providing enough warnings to these conditions.   SMART needs a hard disk  [ Read More ]

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These are the best electronic repair books you need   Electronics have become part of human life however, they are prone to breakdowns. This makes it necessary to fix the problem in order to continue using your electronic device. It is difficult to fix these problems due to their complexity and design. Most electronic manufacturers have limited the repair information to the few centers making it hard for individuals to repair simple failures. Most of  [ Read More ]

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Apple Mac

You have the variety of computer repairing services available these days. It is vital that you select the right service type which is sure to suit the sort of damage that has occurred. To reach to the exact technology the user should take to detailed researching. In order to reach to the right conclusion it is imperative to be aware of the various services in offer. Virus removal is considered to be one of the  [ Read More ]

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There are many factors to be considered when it comes to a computer service repair. There are many service providers are available and you can choose a professional service provider for a good service. It is important to know about some things about the computer repair services. Better choose a certified service provider and check the period of time they are working in this field. The work done by them must be a quality one  [ Read More ]